Twos1Because children between the ages of 24 and 36 months have a very broad developmental age span, Pal-A-Roo’s separates them into two classrooms: Younger Two’s and Older Two’s. Teachers use the Addison-Wesley Active Learning Series program in both Two’s classrooms.

The Younger Two’s classroom (approximately 24-30 months of age) maintains the same ratio as the Waddler and Toddler rooms (6:1). The smaller group size allows for more individual attention and an easier transition to the preschool program. Through appropriate games and activities, teachers introduce abstract concepts like colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. Toilet training may begin in the Younger Two’s if children show signs of readiness.

Traditional preschool activities begin in the Older Two’s classroom. Continuing the program offered in the Younger Two’s class, children tackle more challenging activities as their skills and attention span increase. All children are introduced to toilet training in preparation for their advancement to the next class. Integrated computer instruction begins in this classroom.

For more information about our Two’s program, please view our Virtual Tour.

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