quoteI am the proud parent of a child who recently transitioned out of the Infant II Room and want to express my feelings about the staff who worked with my son in that room. My son was given the highest quality of care that anyone could give outside of me, of course. He was always neat and clean and his needs met. I never had to worry about him while I was working and his teachers were always thoughtful and caring. I have a ten year old child and never had this experience with the many daycare centers that she was a part of. Please keep up the excellent work. I would highly recommend this center to all parents who are seeking quality care.



quoteDiane – As you know, regretfully Jenny and Chrissy’s last day at Pal-A-Roo’s will be soon. We are moving to the south side of Charlotte where the children will be attending another center.

We are excited about the move but there is always the worry parents have about changing child care centers. We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate the fine child development center you have created. Gary and I both work for family businesses and know the trials and tribulations of owning and running a business. We can still remember meeting you and your husband on a Saturday at Pal-A-Roo’s while you were busy working. (We still see your cars there many weekends when we drive by.) You were gracious enough to show us your facility that day and tell us about Pal-A-Roo’s. One look was all it took. To this day we feel that putting our children in your child development center was one of the best decisions we have ever made as parents.

The cleanliness, the dedication to excellence, the security, the facility itself and the wonderful teachers who have been part of Jenny & Chrissy’s lives are many of the reasons why we think this is the best child care center in Charlotte. Gary has been to many child care centers in Charlotte as part of his work and of course it is natural to wonder if any of these places have anything better to offer our children than Pal-A-Roo’s. The conclusion is that none of them come close to the excellence of Pal-A-Roo’s. We appreciate the fact that you DEMAND the best and it is clearly seen in your establishment.

We are very proud of our children and owe a lot of their knowledge, attitude and social skills to the “top notch??? teachers you employ. We know that good help is hard to find these days. You manage to pick the best out of a small crop. Hopefuly they know what a fine establishment they are working for and hopefully they know how much the parents appreciate all they do for the children.

The feeling of knowing our children are in a safe environment is worth more than words can express. Hopefully our new child care center will have the same demand for excellence and for a safe environment for our children. Time will tell.

I could write forever on the many compliments we could give to Pal-A-Roo’s. If not for the hard work and dedication of owners like you, it would not be the place it is today. Many people do not realize how hard it is to run a successful business in today’s society. We are certain that your facility will continue to be the best child care center in Charlotte. It certainly deserves the recognition.

Again, please accept our deepest gratitude for the “home??? you have given our children and for the opportunity you have given them for a premium education. Many thanks to you!!

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