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At Pal-A-Roo’s, safety is paramount. The center is fully OSHA compliant, and our playgrounds reach a level of certification beyond that required by the state. Each class enjoys its own, developmentally-appropriate Facility2playground. All full-time staff members receive certification in First Aid and Infant/Child CPR. Furthermore, Pal-A-Roo’s has a surveillance system which continuously records each classroom. Entry into the facility is restricted. Upon enrollment of their child, parents are issued a security code to access the computerized entry system.

Pal-A-Roo’s implements a curriculum for all age groups based on the Addison-Wesley Active Learning Series program. This program includes activities which help young children develop their minds and bodies as they learn from the world around them. Combined with The Letter People curriculum beginning in the three-year-old classroom, our ultimate goal is to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Test scores show that Pal-A-Roo’s graduates consistently place at the top of their Kindergarten class.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Pal-A-Roo’s. You can find detailed information about each class by clicking the links in the red toolbar above. Please consider taking a Virtual Tour, and we invite you to stop by our facility for an in-person tour. We look forward to welcoming your family to Pal-A-Roo’s!

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